All About Camping Swags

11.05.18 01:14 AM By jessiheyman8759


Camping offers one the best way to enjoy nature maximally.  After you have chosen to go for camping, there are a variety of items that you will need to carry. One of the things that are essential is the camping swags. These are items which enable you to spread out your bed linen in a compressed roll and also ensure that you get to sleep well. The swags usually come in four basic designs which are the envelope style, pole style, dome style and the super dome model. There is need to know more about these styles so that you can get to select one that best suits your camping needs.


The envelope style is the commonest one and has been in use for a long time. Basically, this one usually has canvas on top and also below such that your bedding and mattress are at the center. The presence of the canvas on both sides of the bedding and the mattress ensures that there is no leakage of water or moisture into these items. In case it is raining, you do not have to worry about your bedding and mattress soaking with the rainwater. This style does not require pegs or ropes so as to be set up as they are easily rolled out. Read more here!


For the pole design, it is usually more of a modified envelope style. It usually comes with a pole at the top region and its purpose is to help keep canvas away from your face when it is raining. On top of ensuring that you do not get to soak in rainwater, they prevent you from suffocating when you cover your face with the canvas. Additionally, they also have insulating properties so that they contribute to keeping you warm by ensuring that the heat you generate does not escape. Discover more facts about camping at


The dome swags normally has either 2 or 3 hoop poles to keep canvas off the body. It gets to function more like a porch. As a result, they get to provide you with adequate space for body movement and also proper ventilation, especially during the hot season. There are also some dome styles that have been modified so as to help overcome some of the challenges that re-associated with the traditional style. They are known as the super dome style. They differ from the traditional model in terms of the number of poles that they have and also the positioning of the poles.